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Best Gallbladder Cancer Treatment in Surat

If your general physician has diagnosed you with a cancerous tumor in the gallbladder, all hope is not lost. With immediate treatment, you can recover from the disease and lead the path to a healthy life. For gallbladder cancer surgery, consult GI surgeon doctor Jay Chokshi. He has experience treating several patients with gallbladder cancer, and he can help you. Dial +91-9016519832 for an appointment today.

Gallbladder Cancer Treatment

Gallbladder cancer is quite common in India. Especially among the women in northern parts of the country, the incidence rate of the disease is high. It is an aggressive disease that is asymptomatic in the earlier stages, thus, leading to poor clinical outcomes. When talking about the GBC, it is essential to raise awareness among the general population. So, doctor Jay believes that knowing the symptoms of the disease is necessary.

What are the Signs of Gallbladder Cancer?

Although early stages of gall bladder cancer may not show any signs, a few symptoms of the disease can be:

  1. Nausea and tiredness
  2. An ache in the right side of the tummy
  3. Sharp pain in the abdomen
  4. Yellowing of the eyes and skin (jaundice)
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Unintentional weight loss in the past six months
  7. Fever with occasional shivers
  8. Existence of a lump in the stomach.

What does Doctor Jay say about Gall Bladder Cancer Symptoms?

"Remember that if you have gall stones, inflammation due to bile duct stones, irritable bowel syndrome, or any other problems of the gastrointestinal tract, you may notice the similar symptoms regularly. However, the existence of these symptoms does not confirm cancer. Get a few diagnostic tests done for accurate diagnosis.

  1. Blood tests.
  2. Ultrasound scan, endoscopy, CT scan, PET scan, MRI scan, etc.
  3. Biopsy to collect cell samples from the gallbladder.

The number of tests will vary depending on your symptoms and overall health. Once you receive your reports, Dr. Jay Chokshi recommends a consultation so that he can explain to the patient everything in detail and suggest a treatment modality best suited to the situation. "Getting a gall bladder cancer diagnosis can be nerve-wracking, but having an expert surgical gastroenterologist lay out the details can be calming and make you ready for the surgery ahead," says Dr. Jay.

What is the Surgery for Gallbladder Cancer?

If cancer is limited to gall bladder, Dr. Jay Chokshi may perform a curative cholecystectomy to remove the organ. It is also an effective treatment for gall stones.

However, if cancer has spread beyond the gallbladder, you may need an extensive surgery called extended or radical cholecystectomy. It includes surgical removal of the gallbladder, a section of the liver, and surrounding lymph nodes to prevent the spread of the disease. In complicated cases, your GI surgeon may remove a large part of the liver, common bile duct, pancreas, and nearby organs.

If the cancer is unresectable and has spread too far, palliative treatment may become necessary. It can change depending on the symptoms faced by the patient. In certain situations, palliative medicines can become the only way to help the patient and alleviate his pain.

Get the Best Treatment for Gall Bladder Cancer in Surat

GI doctor Jay is the most trusted surgical gastroenterologist for treating gall bladder cancer in Surat. Patients visit the doctor for consultation from several parts of the country to get an accurate diagnosis and immediate medical attention. Once the doctor has all the diagnostic reports, he will decide on the treatment depending on the size and type of gallbladder cancer, stage of the disease, your overall condition, etc.

Dr. Jay works with the top multi-specialty hospitals in Surat. So, whether you stay in the Adajan area or the Vesu-Magadalla region of the city, he will be able to provide the treatment in a hospital convenient to you.

From smoother recovery, and quicker insurance claims, to affordable treatment of gall bladder cancer, the doctor will be with you every step of the way. He will take utmost care in providing the best medical care post-surgery.

What is the Cost of Gall Bladder Cancer Surgery and Treatment in Surat?

The cost of gallbladder cancer surgery is determined by the type of cancer, staging process, and the patient's health. If the cancer is not spread far, a simple cholecystectomy can be done in the range of ₹40,000 - ₹50,000. If it is a complicated surgery for removing the gallbladder and surrounding organs and lymph nodes, the cost can increase. It can be approximately ₹100,000. And, if doctor Jay decides on palliative treatment, the cost will be conditional on the patient's symptoms.

Please remember that the cost of gall bladder cancer treatment will vary from one hospital to another. Every medical institution decides on different fees for the medical professionals and charges for the facilities provided to the patient.

If you want to get more clarity about gallbladder cancer surgery and treatment, visit Dr. Jay for a consultation. Call +91-9016519832 to book an appointment today.

Dr. Jay Chokshi

Do not lose hope when diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. Consult Surat's top GI surgeon for gall bladder cancer treatment.

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