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Emergency Appendix Surgery

Appendicitis or the inflammation of the appendix can cause terrible pain to the patient. Along with the loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, you may experience difficulty even while walking. It is a medical emergency that requires the attention of a GI surgeon. Dr. Jay Chokshi is an expert GI surgeon with experience in laparoscopic appendectomy. Call +91-9016519832 to book an appointment today.

Appendix Anatomy

The appendix is a vestigial organ in the body. Located in the lower right part of the abdomen where the large intestine and small intestine meet each other, the appendix is a thin tube or a sausage-shaped organ. Its actual function is unknown.

Many medical practitioners believe the appendix to be a treasure trove of good bacteria that help the digestive system after a particularly severe bout of diarrhea. Other health experts believe that the appendix does not serve the human body and it is just a reminder of our evolutionary past. It is a fact that surgical removal of the appendix does not cause any problem so, appendectomies are a commonplace medical procedure to treat the complications associate with the appendix.

Symptoms that Indicate a Problem with the Appendix

It is essential to understand the signs that indicate a problem with the appendix.

  1. Abdominal pain, especially in the lower right part
  2. Terrible pain when walking, coughing, or sneezing
  3. Abdominal swelling and tenderness
  4. Fatigue, lethargy, and general discomfort
  5. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and gas
  6. Fever, loss of appetite
  7. Painful urination

Appendicitis requires the Attention of a GI Surgeon

Inflammation of the Appendix

When the appendix is inflamed, it is called appendicitis. The inflammation can be due to any reason, including but not limited to severe constipation, a buildup of foreign objects, calcified fecal deposits, abdominal trauma, enlarged lymph nodes, worms, etc. Often, the reason remains unclear in many patients. However, if there is a pain in the right lower part of the belly and you are troubled with nausea and vomiting, you should not ignore it.

A. Chronic Appendicitis

When the patient experiences mild symptoms that come and go for many weeks, doctors call it chronic appendicitis. Usually, chronic appendicitis goes ignored, and patients notice it when the problem becomes severe.

B. Acute Appendicitis

When the symptoms of appendicitis are more severe, doctors call it acute appendicitis. It often appears suddenly and the patient experience uncontrollable pain. In cases of acute appendicitis, the patient requires emergency medical surgery to remove the appendix.

Other than appendicitis, benign and malignant tumors can also cause pain in the appendix. Although appendix tumors are rare and usually affect the older population, it is essential to consult Surat's best surgical gastroenterologist for accurate medical diagnoses. Dr. Jay Chokshi will suggest tests to detect the underlying cause and treat the condition accordingly.

Many patients make the mistake of choosing home remedies to treat the pain of the appendix by considering it a common digestive problem. But appendix pain can worsen quickly, and it can make walking, coughing, sneezing, and even passing urine and stools difficult. Acute Appendicitis when left untreated and ignored can lead to fatal complications such bacteria buildup, pus, rupture/perforation, abscess, peritonitis, sepsis or obstruction of intestines.

Appendectomy: The Surgical Removal of Appendix

One of the most common GI surgeries is appendectomy. It is the surgical removal of the appendix. Dr. Jay Chokshi advocates surgery only when necessary. He may suggest a few tests such as abdominal examination, blood tests, CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, etc., to detect the cause of troubles and deliver immediate medical treatment.

Depending on the complexity of the situation, he may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection in addition to surgery. There are also situations when the doctor may have to drain the abscess and conduct another surgery to remove the organ successfully.

What are the Benefits of a Laparoscopic Appendectomy?

In an "open" appendectomy, the doctor will create one large incision on the lower right side of your abdomen to remove the organ. It is helpful, especially when the appendix is ruptured and the doctor has to clean the abdominal cavity to prevent the spread of infection.

Dr. Jay Chokshi has experience in performing emergency laparoscopic appendectomies for surgical removal of the appendix. As an expert laparoscopic GI surgeon, he has performed laparoscopic appendectomies in cases with severe complications such as appendix rupture and perforation. In a laparoscopic appendectomy, the doctor makes tiny incisions in the abdominal cavity. It prevents excessive blood loss and reduces the chances of infection.

In a laparoscopic appendectomy, the doctor will use a cannula to inflate the stomach. He will then locate the appendix with a laparoscope. Once he removes the organs, he will clean and close the small incisions. Usually, a laparoscopic operation is an ideal option for older and obese patients.

A laparoscopic appendectomy provides the following benefits:

  1. Faster recovery
  2. Reduced chances of complications
  3. Minimal post-operative care
  4. Minimal scarring
  5. Less pain to the patient
  6. Shorter hospital stays.

What is the cost of the Emergency Appendix Removal Surgery in Surat?

When you want to undergo an emergency appendix removal surgery in Surat, the cost can be INR. 25,000 to INR. 40,000. The difference in the surgery cost is because the doctor may approve you for a traditional “open” surgery or a laparoscopic appendectomy. And the expenditure of both surgeries varies.

Disclaimer: The cost of emergency appendix surgery is an estimate. And, the actual amount may vary depending on the severity and complexity of the disease, the type of hospital ward and the room category you choose, the number of days you stay in the hospital, etc. Your cost will vary because of several factors such as the fees of the GI surgeon, anesthesia charges, on-duty medical staff fees, consumables, medicines, investigations, etc.

If you are troubled by stomach pain in the lower right side or you suffer from any other symptoms of appendicitis, call +91-9016519832 for emergency laparoscopic appendectomy.

Dr. Jay Chokshi

Dr. Jay Chokshi is a reputed appendix specialist in Gujarat. Residing in Surat, he is available at Dr. Jay Chokshi’s Gastro Center.

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