Patient Success Story at Shalby Hospital, Surat

In these stressful times of fighting the pandemic, it is incredible to witness patient success stories.

I am happy to share one of my patients, Mr. Sehulbhai Desai has completely recovered from a serious case of Peritonitis with diverticular perforation. The 47-year-old Navsari resident was admitted to Shalby Hospital, Surat because of acute abdominal pain. Investigation revealed that he was suffering from acute diverticulitis with perforation & peritonitis. It is the inflammation of small, bulging pouches in the digestive tract with perforation (holes). If left untreated, it can cause serious complications and even lead to fatality.

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Shalby Gastro Surgery Team Surat

Mr. Sehulbhai’s condition was perilous and we had to perform a critical surgery to remove a part of his intestine and eliminate the infection. In another surgery, we connected the remaining part of the intestine after 1.5 months. The patient has recovered and is on the path to a healthy life.

I thank Mr. Sehulbhai for his trust in my capabilities as a Surgical Gastroenterologist. Your strong willpower and dedication towards your health ensured a speedy recovery. I am also grateful to the entire staff of the Shalby Hospital for taking good care of the patient.

Wishing a lifetime of good health to Mr. Sehulbhai Desai.

Reference: (Shalby Hospital)

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